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We provide refined products transportation and terminalling services, as well as acquisition and marketing activities, to refined products markets in several regions of the United States via our integrated pipeline and terminalling assets. These assets include approximately 2,200 miles of refined products pipelines and approximately 35 active refined products marketing terminals with approximately 8 million barrels of refined products storage capacity.

The mix of refined products delivered via our pipelines varies seasonally, corresponding with peaks in demand for various products or to weather conditions. The products transported in these pipelines include multiple grades of gasoline, and middle distillates, such as heating oil, diesel and jet fuel.

Eastern Refined Products Pipelines

The Eastern refined products pipelines consists of approximately 560 miles of 6-inch to 24-inch diameter pipelines in Eastern, Central and North Central Pennsylvania, approximately 162 miles of 8-inch pipelines in New York, and approximately 183 miles of various diameters refined products pipelines in New Jersey (including 80 miles of the 16-inch diameter Harbor Pipeline).