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Pipelines exist almost everywhere. They safely crisscross our neighborhoods, communities, state and country efficiently transporting energy products that we use every day. They connect to gas appliances in our homes and larger cross-country transmission pipelines deliver gasoline, home heating oil, or move crude oil or natural gas through a relatively invisible, interconnected system of underground pipelines.

Energy Transfer strives to enhance public safety and environmental protection by increasing awareness to the presence of underground utilities in the communities where we operate. We have developed a comprehensive public awareness and damage prevention program designed to help you understand the important role you play in contributing to pipeline safety.

Developed under the guidance of federal pipeline safety regulations, our public awareness program provides critical pipeline safety information to key stakeholder audiences such as those who live and work near our pipeline, affected public, emergency officials, local public officials, and excavators. To see examples of our pipeline safety communication brochures, click here.

Together we can ensure the safety of the community and the continued safe operations of the pipeline, by preventing pipeline damage from excavation activity or right-of-way encroachment.