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Dual Contract Information

4.8 Intrastate Service. In addition to the services provided hereunder pursuant to NGPA Section 311, Transporter offers and performs intrastate transportation services that are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Texas Railroad Commission, and that are exempt from FERC's regulation under the NGPA. To provide Shippers with flexibility to access intrastate and/or interstate markets, Shippers may contract for both intrastate and NGPA Section 311 service on mutually agreeable terms, including a limitation that Shipper's combined usage under the intrastate and NGPA agreements cannot exceed the MDCQ under the intrastate agreement; provided, however, that Transporter's provision of NGPA Section 311 service, without undue discrimination, shall not be conditioned on Shipper's subscription to Firm intrastate capacity. The description of available intrastate services contained herein is provided for information purposes only and shall not be construed to make such intrastate services subject to FERC regulation.

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