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All of Energy Transfer's pipelines are identified with above ground markers (signs) with the telephone number(s) to call in the event of a leak or other emergency.

Although Energy Transfer has a superior pipeline safety record, there is always a remote possibility of a leak or other emergency.

Please call the number listed below if you notice any unusual occurrence (i.e. smelling a strange odor, hearing a blowing or hissing sound, anyone digging or excavating) on or near our pipeline.

Pipeline Emergency Numbers
ETC Liquids 1-888-844-8134
Fayetteville Express Pipeline 1-888-844-8030
Florida Gas 1-800-238-5066
Houston Pipeline 1-800-392-1965
Lone Star NGL 1-877-839-7473
Panhandle Eastern, Sea Robin, Trunkline 1-800-225-3913
Regency Emergency Reporting - Primary 1-877-404-2730
Regency Emergency Reporting - Secondary 1-210-404-2730
San Antonio Gas Control, SEPTS, ET Fuel, Oasis 1-800-375-5702
Sunoco Pipeline Refined Products & Natural Gas Liquids 1-800-786-7440
Sunoco Pipeline Crude Oil 1-800-753-5531
Tiger 1-888-844-3735
Transwestern 1-866-999-8975
West Virginia 1-800-375-5702

Media Relations
Office:   214-840-5820