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Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sunoco is owned by ETP Holdco. Sunoco's Retail business markets its brand of gasoline through approximately 5,000 retail outlets in 23 states stretching from Maine to Florida and west to Indiana, and operates nearly 400 APlus convenience stores.

Sunoco provides its customers with the convenience and speed they want. And the quality and value they expect. The company is continually making improvements, testing new technologies and exploring new products to make the customer experience better and better. In short, Sunoco keeps people moving.

Sunoco Retail Marketing has a portfolio of outlets that differ in various ways including product distribution to the outlets, site ownership and operation, and types of products and services provided:


With over five billion gallons of gasoline sold and $700 million of merchandise sales per year, Sunoco is a major retailer and recognized brand in the sale of gasoline and convenience store items. Sunoco’s retail outlets are primarily located along the East Coast of the United States. With Sunoco fuel, you know you’re getting quality and reliability. It’s why NASCAR® and many of the world’s other top drivers choose Sunoco fuels. And it’s why you should only trust Sunoco for your car.

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