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   Rover Pipeline ( Marcellus / Utica )
 Rover Open Season Announcement  
 Crude Oil Pipelines
 Bakken / DAPL  Lake Charles & St. James
  K-1 Tax Package Information
   ETP    ETE    PTXP
       Unit Price
  ETP $ 36.42 0.98  2.77%
  ETE $ 18.55 0.35  1.92%
      Minimum 20 minute delay.
Distribution Pricing
ETP 2/14/2017 $1.055
ETE 2/20/2017 $0.285
Historical Distribution Information
  Tax Information Related to
Mergers & Acquisitions
  2016 10-K
   ETP    ETE    PEPL
  SEC Filings
 ETP     ETE     PEPL   
 SUSS     RGP     ETC   
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